Monday, September 8, 2014

You Forgot "International Buy a Priest a Beer Day?" Fear Not. There's A Way Out!

I am sure that it came upon many of you as much as it came upon me, a total surprise.  These things have a way of sneaking up on us.  Probably many of my family and friends are in a total panic right now.  It is "International Buy a Priest a Beer Day" and many people just didn't have it on their radar.  And now it is here.  Today.  Now people are in total panic.  "I can't buy Fr. Barnes a beer today!  I already have plans.  How could I have been so stupid?  How could I have let this happen?"

Please, I hate to see you in such despair.  I want to provide you a way to satisfy your earnest, sincere, and altogether appropriate desire to buy me a beer on this most solemn of feasts.  It grieves me to think of you spending this whole day--understandably--inconsolable by what appears to be an impossible situation.  You did not plan well and now feel as though you've done a terrible thing, abandoning me on this incredibly important day.   It is true, right, and just that you feel this misery right now.  Fortunately, the Church is a fountain of mercy.  There is a way out of this self-imposed situation in which you have placed yourself.

In lieu of buying me a beer today, you can make a donation to the BU Catholic Center.  You can go to BU Catholic Center or click on the box at the top right hand side of this blog.  We are currently at 52% of our goal.  You could help us move the needle and help us in our work of serving some great young people.  If not, please let me know what time you will be coming by today so that I may plan accordingly.  

I know that you probably feel yourself completely unworthy of such a merciful opportunity.  After all, it is completely your own fault that you did not plan accordingly.  All one can do in a moment like this is to stand in complete gratitude and make a donation.

God Bless!

Fr. Barnes

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