Sunday, September 14, 2014

The BU Catholic Center Flock

A typical Sunday at the BU Catholic Center:

At 9:15am, we had our Pastoral Board meeting.  The Pastoral Board is a group of students and staff who meet in order to direct planning and programming at the Catholic Center.  The only time we could find this semester that worked for everyone is Sunday morning.  Our first meeting began with one non-early riser announcing, "I already hate this time for a meeting."

While it hasn't started yet, on most Sundays the Men's Group will meet at 10:45am.

Today, after the 9:15am meeting, our FOCUS Missionaries met with a large group of students in order to help them grow in leadership skills and in order to bond together.

At the same time, the choir was practicing.

Then, there was 12:30pm Mass.  Students serving, singing, playing instruments, setting up for Mass, cleaning up after Mass, manning tables to get people to sign up for our retreat that comes at the end of September, and welcoming people to Mass.

After Mass, a group of about 20 of us went out for lunch to celebrate the birthday of a young man who graduated this past May and who is now in the seminary.

Another group, led by one of our FOCUS Missionaries went kayaking on the Charles River.

I heard confessions throughout the day.  Students just coming up and asking.

I tried to take an hour's nap.  Didn't work, but it was nice to take a break.  For some reason, I woke up this morning at 4:30am.

This evening we had the 6pm Mass.  At that Mass, offered by a Franciscan priest who helps us out, there were two Jesuit seminarians who also help out here.  Again, the musicians practicing, students setting up, cleaning up, welcoming, and inviting.

While that Mass was going on, I hung out with one of the students and talked about life and different aspects of the Catholic Center.

After the 6pm Mass, we had our retreat planning meeting.  The retreat is planned by a group of students in coordination with our interns.  They're doing an impressive job.  The young people here are very responsible.

From the very moment I pulled into my parking spot this morning, I have been encountering Christ in the faces of the people who live the life of this community with me.  Their example, dedication, commitment, prayerfulness, joy, and Faith move me to desire to adhere more to Christ and to grow in my own Faith.

And now, having used writing this blog post as a way of keeping me from dozing off, I have to go get ready for the 10pm Mass.

Grateful to Christ for putting me in the midst of something so beautiful.  May it not only be sustained, but may it grow and multiply.  

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