Sunday, September 28, 2014

Have in You the Same Attitude that Is in Christ Jesus

This weekend, I was on retreat with students from the Boston University Catholic Center.  The title of the retreat was "Encounter."  The second reading for this Sunday said, "Have in you the same attitude that is in Christ Jesus."

This weekend I encountered the same attitude that is in Christ Jesus everywhere I looked.  The priests who drove two hours to come and hear confessions?  That's the attitude of Christ Jesus.  The three young people who gave witnesses on the retreat--the attitude of Christ Jesus.  Our Office Manager and her husband who give up a weekend every year to cook all of the meals for the retreat?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The grad student who gave up a weekend to work in the kitchen?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The priest who came to give the retreat and who was continuously moved by the example of the students on retreat?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The students who served on the retreat team and who planned the retreat?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The music ministry who poured themselves out in praising God throughout the weekend?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The interns who never stopped for the whole weekend?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The FOCUS team joyfully staying close to the students?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.  The priest who covered the 10pm Mass for me so I could crash after the retreat?  Attitude of Christ Jesus.

All around me, I saw young people loving each other, caring for each other, serving each other, praying with each other, encouraging each other, worshipping with each other, and helping each other to go to confession.  

The retreat was entitled "Encounter" because we talked about encounters that Christ had with people in his day.  But, it was also called "Encounter" because the weekend was intended to be an opportunity to encounter Christ.  With so many people having the attitude of Christ Jesus, it was difficult not to encounter Christ.

I hope the young people who came on the retreat encountered Christ.  I know that I did.

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