Monday, June 10, 2013

Some First Impressions of the Boston University Catholic Center

Without intending it, I suppose I've been looking for little signs during the past week.  What kind of place is the Boston University Catholic Center?  What kind of kids are they?  What is their Faith like?  What is the Liturgy like?  Having been here only a week--and a week during the summer when most everyone is gone--I have some initial impressions.  Mostly, I have just a few small anecdotal signs.

On my first day, the office manager arranged to have one of the seniors take me around in order to get my paperwork filled out and to attain my "Terrier Card" (the University ID).  As one who does not enjoy trudging around from office to office getting forms stamped, signed, and approved, I was grateful to have the company.  From this, I gather that there is a sense of charity and responsibility for one another.  I'm happy about that.

I had lunch with one of the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionaries who is missioned to Boston University.  It was so encouraging to see a young man who is so dedicated to the Lord and so intent upon sharing the joy of the Gospel.

At the end of Mass, instead of all filing out of the small chapel at the Newman House, all of those present knelt down and prayed in thanksgiving for a few minutes.  That's impressive.

Upon seeing the chapel for the first time after some rearranging had been done, one young man noticed that one of the walls needed some paint work.  He said, "Father, I will get some brushes and paint and get that taken care of during the summer."  To me, that shows charity and a sense of responsibility.  Impressive.

While sitting on the front steps of the Catholic Center, two students--boyfriend and girlfriend--stopped to ask me about the Mass schedule for the summer and the confession schedule.  How happy that made me!

Last night, there were about sixty students for Mass.  Not bad for the summer time.  They had the whole thing organized.  Again, a few of the students took charge setting up (we use the interdenominational chapel for Sunday Mass), assigning readers, ushers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and servers.  I was impressed by their attention and organization.

The students sang and did so beautifully.

I think what has most struck me thus far is the Faith that is present among the students.  We know that where there is Faith, great things can happen.  So, I fully expect that the Lord will continue to do great things here because the most important foundation is already here: Faith. 

It is encouraging to see young people who are walking with Christ, being shaped by His grace, and enthusiastic to bring Christ to others.

That's a pretty good first week if you ask me.


  1. This makes me happy :)

  2. This makes me happy :)

  3. This makes me miss the BUCC!!! So glad to hear all is going well. We miss you in Beverly but are looking forward to visiting in Boston!
    - Megan R