Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Keeping Our College Young People Catholic

Sunday Mass at Boston University
The other day I received a letter from Loyola High School in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, it is very rare that I receive such letters.  It contained the names of students from their school who will be attending Boston University this coming September.  The names--sent with the permission of the students--are a great help in allowing the Campus Ministry program here to reach out to these students and welcome them.  This is a great model of ecclesial cooperation and evangelization.

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Someone in that school is doing a lot of extra work.  They had to get the permission of students, find the contact information of each Campus Ministry program, and send out the letters.  I'm sure at the end of a school year, the last thing somebody wants is more work to do--especially for students who are gone from their school.  This kind of effort exemplifies true pastoral care.  Instead of just "hoping for the best," the high school is doing something positive about the spiritual care of their graduates.  Will all of these students find their way into Campus Ministry programs?  Probably not.  But, this at least gives them a better chance.
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It would be great if parishes and high schools contacted Campus Ministry programs and let them know who was coming.  It would create some more work for parishes and schools--and would probably overwhelm some of us in Campus Ministry--but it's worth it.  We don't want to lose these young people when they arrive on campus!  

There is a real danger that incoming freshmen might fall through the cracks and, if they do, are likely not to return to the Faith again.  Let's all do our part in preventing that.  Our parishes, Catholic high schools, and diocesan school offices could do a great act of charity for our young people by helping them transition into the Catholic community at their future college.

Loyola High School in Los Angeles gets a tip of the hat from me.  

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  1. I definitely agree that it is rough for students as soon as they go to college to be able to keep their faith strong. I am hoping to put my kids in a good Catholic high school when they are old enough, because I think that this will really help them. Do you know how best to look for a reliable Catholic school for kids? I want to make sure that they are in a good environment.