Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Catholic Center at Boston University: The New Evangelization

An Ultimate Frisbee Game at the beginning of the year
I spend every day with young college students who are great witnesses to the joy of the Gospel. Located in the heart of the Boston University Campus, the Catholic Center is an amazing place.  

The Catholic Center at Boston University is responsible for funding itself.  Although Boston University is very hospitable to us and we maintain a very good relationship with the University, we are not funded through the University.  This means that we depend upon the donations of our alumni, parents, students, and friends.  Asking for money is never easy and always makes me feel a bit like I'm asking people to give ME their money.  But, in order to have a Campus Ministry program to make the sacraments available to the students at BU, to have a place where students can come and form good Christian friendships, and a place where they can grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, part of my responsibility is to raise money.

Tonight, about thirty students gathered in our Catholic Center in order to receive training for our primary fundraiser of the year, which happens this weekend.  It is the annual "Phonathon."  Our kids will call thousands of people in order to raise money to keep the Catholic Center funded and strong.  As I looked around the room tonight, I was really touched by the dedication, intelligence, and faith of these students.  I'd like you to consider donating to the BU Catholic Center.  Let me try to make my case to you.

Without hesitation, I can tell you that the money that comes into the BU Catholic Center is an amazing investment in the Gospel.  These young people are amazing.  Our Newman Center is a place of beautiful friendships in Christ.  What happens at the Catholic Center?  Three Sunday Masses (the last being at 10pm), daily Mass, daily confessions, retreats, service projects, meals, twenty on-campus bible studies, mission trips, continuous evangelization efforts around campus, clothing drives for the poor, adoration four days a week, formation evenings, men's and women's groups, social events, and young people finding a home away from home in a Catholic setting.  In the past decade, numerous students from the BU Catholic Center have entered the seminary.

These young people not only support one another in living the Catholic life, but they are constantly trying to bring the joy of the Gospel to others.  There's not bitterness, ideology, or agenda with these kids.  They love Jesus, the Sacraments, and the Church.  They look at the world around them and have an ardent desire to announce the joy of the Gospel to others.  

I told the young people tonight that I'm surprised that a place like the BU Catholic Center doesn't have some really big donors!  What happened to all of those graduates who went on to great careers??  If, by chance, you are one of them and you stumble upon this blog, please get in touch with me!!  But, more than likely, the few readers of this blog are mostly people who may be able to make some modest contribution to the Catholic Center.  Modest is good!  Please consider it.

I am always nervous about putting my name to a request for money.  I want to make certain that if my name is on the request, I can stand by it.  I promise you that I stand by the BU Catholic Center.  Something awesome has been going on in this place.  This place isn't talking about the New Evangelization.  This place is the New Evangelization.  Please consider being a part of it.

I am grateful to you.

Your Brother in Christ,

Fr. David Barnes

Donations can be made to:
Newman House
BU Catholic Center
211 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215

Our website is
You can also donate through ParishPay--an online giving program.  Go to and type in "Boston University Catholic Center."

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  1. yay! catholic center is incredible! thanks for all you do. JP