Saturday, December 8, 2012

Have I Ever Mentioned How Much I Love Being a Priest?


                                                      Today I got to:
Offer the 7am Mass for the Immaculate Conception
Offer the 10:30 Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the Immaculate Conception.
Listen to the schola sing beautiful Gregorian Chant
See a great group of college kids.
Hear confessions.
Offer the 4pm for the Second Sunday of Advent.
Listen to the soloist beautifully sing two pieces from Handel's Messiah during Communion.
Encourage a young man to think about the priesthood.
Have lunch with a seminarian and contact a few other seminarians.
Talk to an elderly woman who stopped me as I was beginning the procession for Mass.  She wanted to tell me that she doesn't want me to be transferred and that she never prayed the Rosary until she heard me say in a homily several years ago that we should be devoted to the Rosary.  From then on, she prays it many times a day.  (That made my day.  I hope that her holiness has some sort of effect on my eternity).
Hear from the family of one of my parishioners from another parish (twelve years ago) who is going into hospice.  She's a great lady in her nineties.  I will go see her in the next few days.
Bless a newly engaged couple.
Offer some words of encouragment to somebody
Be invited to someone's home for dinner
Grow in my love for God.
Grow in my love for my flock.
Become more grateful for the gift of being a priest.


  1. I hope you do get transferred--to my parish. Thank you for answering the call to the priesthood.

  2. A great day, and wonderful that you know it.