Thursday, November 21, 2019

How About Helping Someone Who Helps Others?

Dear Friends,

I ask you to read below and consider joining me in supporting Drew who is currently giving a year of service to the Catholic Center. He's helping others. Please help him to help them.

Dear Friends,

My name is Drew Faria, and I work at the Boston University Catholic Center. I am a recent graduate of BU whose life has been profoundly transformed by this community and Christ’s presence in it. As a campus minister, I am responsible for keeping the projects and efforts of our community running.

Hundreds of students come for sacraments and more than fifty lead or participate in bible studies. We host events for BU students with pasta dinners, sports outings, men’s/women’s groups, service projects, retreats, and talks from visiting Catholic speakers. I play an administrative role by organizing retreats, outreach events, and bookkeeping efforts for our community. On a personal level, I lead bible studies and minister to those feeling burdened by the challenges of balancing a college and Catholic lifestyle. My work supports the faithful growth of BU students. Communities like the CC have never been more important in a time when the Church suffers from a lack of participation, and college students fall to despair, anxiety, and a sense of worthlessness. I have seen Christ renew hope and love in students who enter the CC, including myself.

My mission is not one I undertake alone. I invite you on this mission of prayer and service with me to build faithful leaders like never before. My position does not come with an established income, thus I humbly ask for your support with a monthly donation towards my work’s monthly expenses. I would love to get in touch with you and meet to explain my ministry in more detail. Meanwhile, pray for the spiritual growth of the BU students and their commitment to the Church. Feel free to send any prayer requests or intentions to
our community as well.

I am honored to be a leader in this group that has provided greater meaning to my life and continues to do the same for others. We foster friendships that last far beyond graduation. Our alumni are active in their faith and parishes. In the last nine years, eight graduates have entered seminary in preparation for the priesthood and nearly twenty have worked in full-time ministries for the church.

I hope you will consider joining my mission at BU. You are in my prayers.
God bless,

Drew Faria
__________________________________________________________________ How to Donate
  1. Online:
    Go to Donate through Paypal or monthly through Church Giving at the bottom of the page. If Church Giving, select the option that applies best to your experience using Church Giving, then choose “Regular” donation. Be sure to write “BU Intern” in the section for additional notes. If Paypal, make sure to click the “Add special instructions to seller” or “Add note” and write “BU Intern”.
  2. Mail:
    By mail with a check made payable to the Boston University Catholic Center, with “BU Intern” written in the memo line. The check may be mailed in the pre-addressed and stamped envelope enclosed.

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