Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Faith: Gathered Around the Apostles and Their Successors

Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago
On the Sunday talk shows, Obama Administration officials, when asked about the Catholic Church, continually referenced groups of Catholics who have supported the Administration.  They refused to address questions about the position of the United States Bishops.  In doing so, the officials were attempting to drive a wedge between Catholics.  These officials were suggesting that the Bishops are just one voice among many and that the Catholic Health Association was an equal authority when it comes to the Church.  The following is excerpted from a statement by Cardinal George.  He was discussing the ad limina visit that he and his brother bishops were making to Rome and how that experience was one of great unity.  It is beautiful in its theological explication.

"Even in the midst of this strengthened unity, news of attempts to weaken the unity between the bishops and the faithful have been reported.  This is the first time in the history of the United States that a presidential administration has purposely tried to interfere in the internal working of the Catholic Church, playing one group off against another for political gain.  What isn’t always understood is that the Bishops of the Church make no attempt to speak for all Catholics; they never have.  The Bishops speak for the Catholic and apostolic faith, and those who hold that faith gather around them.  Others disperse. "

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