Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Encouraged By Great Priests

This evening one of my friends--who at fifty is considerably older than I am--had a birthday party at his rectory and invited twenty or so priests.  The priests, from dioceses around the country serve in varying types of assignments.  There were priests from seminary faculties, vocation directors, chancery offices, bishops' secretaries, and a few of us plain o'l parish priests.

As I drove home from dinner, I was filled with a great sense of gratitude for having been with these men.  They are priests and they are good priests.  They are serving the Church in varying capacities and are doing so with zeal and with love.  They are joyful and intelligent.  They are about serving Christ and his people. 

I don't remember many specific things that I learned in high school classes, but I remember Mr. Hegarty said in American History class, "Good presidents are the ones who aren't afraid to surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are."  I've always remembered that.

I think that is also the case in other things in life.  Tonight, I was surrounded by priests who are brighter and holier than I am.  And I left that dinner a better man and a better priest because of it.

I mention all of this only because I was encouraged by their example.  People ought to be really encouraged by the great priests that the Church has.  I know there are great priests out there.  I had dinner with them tonight.

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  1. "Tonight, I was surrounded by priests who are brighter and holier than I am" : Perhaps, Father; perhaps; but I shouldn't be the least bit surprised if a fair number of your fellow guests left thinking the same thing regarding you—and with very good reason, I believe. May God bless you in all your works.