Thursday, February 2, 2012

Commercial For Priestly Vocations

St. John Seminary in Brighton, MA

I'm a bit impatient when it comes to vocations.  So, I'm going to keep talking about it.  Jesus has done some great things at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Beverly in terms of priestly vocations during the past few years.  The parish is crawling with seminarians and with newly ordained priests.  The rectory is always home to one, two, or three seminarians and to priests who age 40 and younger.  (Admittedly, I now consider 40 to be young).

I want more vocations to the priesthood from our parish.  I don't want to lose momentum.  What Christ is doing in our midst in terms of priestly vocations is awesome.  But, I want more!  So, if you are from the parishes of Beverly, open your eyes and look around.  Are there men in our midst whom God might be calling to a priestly vocation?  If so, tell me!  Don't waste time.  Encourage those men!  Pray for those men!

If you belong to another parish and think a man there has a priestly vocation, tell him to leave his parish, sign up as a parishioner here, and then call me.  Okay . . . not really.  Encourage him to talk to his parish priest or to the vocation director for the Archdiocese of Boson, Fr. Daniel Hennessey.  If you know of a young man whom you think has a priestly vocation, send him the link to this post.  Maybe that is all it will take.

If you are a young man who thinks it is possible that God is calling you, don't wait forever.  Now is the time!

What things should you do if you think God might be calling you?  Go to daily Mass, spend time in Eucharistic Adoration, go to confession, pray the Rosary, talk to your  parish priest, and call the vocation director. 

Tonight, I am praying especially for those whom God is calling to the priesthood.  I pray that you say, "Yes" to Him.

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