Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Real Campaign, My Dear Wormwood

My Dear Wormwood:

Your most recent report concerning the humans and their pathetic elections was most promising. I do not think I am speaking out of turn when I tell you that our Father of Lies and Prince of Darkness is most pleased by your efforts. It is critical, however, in moments such as these, not to become too blatant or overly confident. When it comes to destroying the wretched humans, it is always better to lure them by subtlety than to propose evil directly.

In this way, we have been masterful in the use of euphemism. While many of the wretched humans remain squeamish about defending the direct killing of the unborn, they are only too happy to defend euphemisms such as "reproductive health" and "right to choose." It brings our Dark Lord particular pleasure to watch as these humans, who pride themselves on their devotion to the scientific, become so willing to suppress this devotion in favor of euphemisms devoid of any scientific basis. Even after millennia of promoting evil, the success of this particular strategy still surprises and pleases us immensely.

Your use of social media also merits commendation. Social media has become the temple of the political gods. It keeps the humans occupied, angry, and distracted. It keeps them from being receptive to the voice of the Enemy. They feel compelled to comment, like, and share everything positive about their political party or candidate and everything negative about the opposing candidate and party. This is of invaluable assistance to us. If they were recollected and silent, they might hear the dreaded voice of the Enemy and be drawn towards Him. They might also become aware that we are their true enemy and then be moved to resist us. Were they not worshipping at the altar of social media, they might be worshipping Him. If they weren't addicted to sharing the talking points of their political masters, they might be sharing the Gospel. It is much better to pit them against each other and to convince them that their salvation will come from political victory and that the greatest tragedy would be the loss of their candidate. Anything that we can do to keep them distracted from caring for their putrid souls, the better. 

To our tremendous fortune, those most concerned with the protection of human life have a candidate whose language is coarse and disdainful towards large segments of the population. This, even we could not have predicted! This scenario leaves many of the Enemy's followers hesitant and confused and it emboldens those who are adherents of the culture of death. At the same time, the perfect cynicism of one of the candidates simultaneously boasting of his Catholic Faith and of his pro-abortion stance is absolutely delicious. We could not have devised a more sinister and perfect plan!

Before you become too complacent, however, let me offer some serious words of caution. As you know, from the very beginning our project is built upon sand and is always at risk of being washed away. The more we build on lies and deception, the more at risk our plans become. It is a treacherous business. It requires that you act with subtlety but also with decisive action when necessary. 

In terms of subtlety, whatever you can do to advance the notion that abortion is just one issue among many issues is critically helpful. This provides a reasonable sounding cover to those who like to consider themselves "good." Remember, the humans always want to consider themselves to be "good." The more you can get their opponents to say and support other evils, the more you will help us in this endeavor. You must convince them that there are only two possibilities: 1. Be against abortion and be uncaring towards the poor; or 2. Be for abortion and care about the poor.  Keeping them caged in this system is to our distinct advantage.

At one of their conventions, a woman spoke about how she was proud of her abortion. This was a risky strategy and one that should not be repeated. Even the most depraved among the humans are hesitant to boast about killing innocent babies. Our previous method of shame and guilt is far more effective. So many of the humans who have had or participated in an abortion are devastated for life by the guilt and shame. This is where we want them. For some, this will manifest itself in an obstinate support for abortion (because they are unable to admit their guilt). For others, it will result in silence and despair. Both of these are to our advantage and are eminently pleasing to our Most Evil Father.

As in any battle, we must be aware of our own vulnerabilities. It is clear that our greatest vulnerability would be the unexpected appearance of some saintly person. The Enemy has consistently thwarted our most brilliant campaigns by raising up saints. The conversion of one sinner and their growth in heroic holiness has cost us many victories. Time and again, just when we were within reach of catastrophic victory, the Enemy has placed some saintly personality onto the field of battle and visited ruin upon us.

To prevent this, we must be vigilant in weakening his army, the Church. The less it focuses upon the Mass, Confession, and the Word of the Enemy, the better. If its priests and bishops are too convincing in preaching the dreaded Word of the Enemy, souls might be converted. Do not underestimate how powerful a weapon the Enemy's Word is. We saw what happened with Saul. His conversion continues to wreak havoc upon us. And, his warning to the Galatians that "Even if an angel from heaven come down and preach to you a different Gospel, let him be accursed," is something we do not want anyone to hear. Instead, we desire Catholics who preach a different gospel and who appeal to our allies at Planned Parenthood. We want to cultivate among Christians a smugness that makes them feel superior to the Word of our Enemy. We also want priests and bishops who are worldly and who desire acceptance among those who oppose our Enemy. 

Remember also the immense suffering caused to us by the Polish Pope. We continue to feel the sting of his putrid commitment to truth. Again, we were not sufficiently prepared. We did not expect that an old man would be so influential with generations of young people. It is another example of why the danger of holiness and commitment to truth--no matter who is involved--must be taken seriously by us and be crushed mercilessly. While we want the humans distracted, we must be vigilant not to become distracted ourselves. It only takes one of them to slip through our sights to cause us immense misery. Only one of them kneeling in adoration, confessing his sins, receiving the Body and Blood of our Enemy, listening to His Word, imploring His Mother, or sharing with others the Truth can undo decades of our destructive hard work.

My Dear Nephew Wormwood, continue the work of our Hateful Father and do everything possible to keep the humans from conversion and holiness. Never forget, my Dear Wormwood, the real campaign is against the Enemy and the humans he loves so much.

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  1. This is BRILLIANT Padre! Lewis would be proud. I laughed so hard until I realized the truth of your post was so sad I should be crying for all many are duped.