Thursday, October 13, 2016

Catholics For Child Trafficking?

Dear Child,

I do not know your name because you are mostly anonymous. For all I know, over the years you have had many names. Although I do not know you personally, I feel as though I have had some hand in your unfortunate life and want to write to you so that you understand where I was coming from. I am basically a good person. I go to church frequently, give to charities, and recycle. I have provided a good life for my children, sent them to good schools, and have always encouraged them to treat others with respect. 

Some years ago, a political candidate ran for office. His positions on many issues were in sync with what I personally believe. He was against the death penalty, pro-environment, in favor of healthcare for everyone, had excellent economic plans, and wanted to strengthen the security net for those living in poverty. While I did not agree with all of his proposals, I liked almost all of them. One thing I was opposed to was his position on child trafficking.  

His position was that a mother should be able to decide for herself whether her child should be sold as a slave. He said that while he personally thought that doing such a thing was unfortunate, and that in an ideal world nobody should sell their own child to be used like that, we just don't live in an ideal world. Sometimes people are confronted with very difficult choices. There are many reasons, he said, why somebody might choose to sell their own child into an unfortunate life like that. Perhaps the woman might have other children and could use the extra income gained from selling one child to help her other children have a better life. No matter what the reason, whether or not to sell a child into slavery is a very personal decision and, in the opinion of this candidate, the government should not interfere. He was personally opposed to selling children into slavery, but felt that this decision must be left to a woman to decide for herself. It was, after all, her child.

I want you to understand that I am totally opposed to selling children into slavery. But, I hope you understand that I could not be so small-minded as to vote just on one issue alone. I had to think about the bigger picture.  Yes, some children would be sold into a terrible life. I understand that. But, if this candidate were elected, he would provide a much better life for so many other children. These children would enjoy clean air, better healthcare, better and safer schools, and higher wages. When voting, I had to take into account the big picture and not focus on just one issue.

Now, I understand that you would never enjoy those schools, receive any wages, or have much of a life at all. Honestly, the life you have probably lived has been so horrible, that I try not to think about it. It's just too painful to think about it. I know that some people will say that by voting for that candidate, I share some responsibility for your horrible existence. But, I think they are being very narrow-minded.  I think you have to take everything into consideration and not just focus on one issue

I am proud to have supported that candidate. We have accomplished so much for our country. The quality of life for millions of people has improved dramatically. It honestly infuriates me when people continuously drag up the whole child trafficking issue as though that was the only issue! Am I in favor of child trafficking? No, of course not. I simply voted for someone who favored it, promoted it, and made it easier to do. I am still a good person. I go to Mass almost every Sunday, give more to charity than most people, and do a lot of volunteer work.

I truly am very sorry that your life has been so hard, but please know that I am a very good person.


A Very Good Person 

(And, by the way, if you refuse to vote for a candidate who supports something evil, that doesn't mean you have to vote for that candidate's opponent. And, nothing requires a person to vote for either major party candidates). 

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  1. I hope this post opened at least a few eyes to the evil that is unfortunately all around us but so many who consider themselves good Catholics don't want to talk about.