Friday, April 6, 2012

Thirsting For God and God Thirsting For Us

The Passion today began with a question from Jesus.  "Whom are you looking for?"  It is an important question.  At the depths of our soul, we are all looking for someone who will love us completely and eternally. 

At the end of the Passion today, Jesus says, "I thirst."  He too thirsts for love; for our love.  Imagine that.  God thirsts for our love.

On the Cross, these two thirsts--the thirst of man for eternal love and the thirst of Eternal Love for man's response--meet in Jesus Christ. 

As God, Jesus reveals to us the depth of God's love.  On the Cross we see that there is One who loves us completely and eternally. 

As man, Jesus opens the way for human beings to love God with all of their heart, mind, and soul.

On the Cross, we see that God loves man eternally.  And we see that man can now love God eternally.

This is the definitive word on all of reality.  Man's thirst for eternal love finds an answer in Christ.  God's thirst for the love of man finds an answer in Jesus Christ and all of those who live in union with him.  Love is the definitive word.

"It is finished."

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