Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Resurrection According to the Other Matthew

Last night, after the baptisms, receptions into the Catholic Church, and Confirmations at our Easter Vigil, I looked at my iPhone just to gauge the time.  We were two hours into it.  But, on the screen of my iPhone indicated that I had missed a phone call and had a voicemail from the father of a young baby--Matthew--whom I had baptized and confirmed in an emergency on Monday evening of Holy Week.  When I saw the name, my heart sank, presuming that there had been some turn for the worse. 

During the rest of the Mass, I prayed for Matthew and his parents and during communion time (I was not the main celebrant of the Mass), I slipped away to listen to the message.  (This is the only time I've ever done something like that!)  Matthew's Dad said that Matthew had breathed on his for the first time, that they had the opportunity to hold him, and to have a family photo with together.  He said it was a great day, that they are grateful for all of the prayers being offered on their behalf, and that they are grateful to be part of our parish.

Whatever is ahead for Matthew and his family, they belong to the Body of Christ.  On Easter, we commemorate that day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead in his human body.  All of those who are baptized into Christ Jesus have died with him and rose with him.  As members of his body, we live in joyful hope of the resurrection on the Last Day.  A whole parish of people are joyful today that Matthew has had some improvement.  But, we are more joyful that Matthew is part of the new creation and is united to Jesus Christ.

Baptism and Confirmation mean something.  They accomplish something.  They give what no one else can give.  They give a share in everlasting life.  The Resurrection continues today in Matthew.

He is Risen.  He is Truly Risen.

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