Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living a Life of Privilege

Nothing here is particularly newsworthy in the sense that it happens every weekend.  But for me, it is new.  Even though it is almost identical to last weekend and will likely be repeated next weekend, it carries with it a great newness.

The group of college kids who come to Mass together.  I confidently called one of them by name--but it was the wrong name. 
High School kids at Youth Night. 
The two dying men I met at the hospital.  Their faith was inspiring.
A father with his two children.  His wife and newborn son were at home.
A married couple whose kids are all now in college.
The recently married couple.
The young couple who will be getting married here and who drive here every week from a considerable distance.for Sunday Mass.
An old timer who is a savvy business man, a great man of faith, and whose son is very sick.
The man whose wife recently died.
The family who came to the Five and who joked afterwards about which member made the most mistakes with the "And also with you/and with your spirit" contest.
The lady who takes care of her husband who has dementia.
The woman whose marriage dissolved and who brings her children to Mass every week.
The young family who had us all for dinner.

These are some of the people I saw this weekend.  I love them.

Every parish priest could give a similar account.  But, it never gets old.  At the end of a Sunday, if you're a parish priest, you cannot help but feel privileged.

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  1. The parish is blessed to have you as our Pastor. Thanks Fr. B.