Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Some Photos of The Easter Vigil at The Boston University Catholic Center

The Easter Vigil was such a joyful and beautiful moment for the Boston University Catholic Community. I thought I'd share some photos from the Mass that were taken by Evan Kristiansen, a Grad Student. Unfortunately, the patience it takes to get these in the right sequence on my blog is more than I can muster. So, they are out of order, but still very beautiful. There are a lot more photos, but this gives a sense of the evening.  I'm very proud of our community for their dedication to giving God fitting worship. What a great Holy Week!

Blessing of the Easter Fire

Reception into Full Communion with the Catholic Church

Renewal of Baptismal Promises

Michael Professing His Faith Before Baptism


John Professing His Faith Before Baptism



Blessing of the Easter Font

The Newly Baptized, Received, and Confirmed and their sponsors. At the far left is Matthew Baugh, SJ who led the RCIA this year and did a fantastic job.

The Consecration

Baptizing Michael 

Our Easter Candle was painted by one of our students, Mai.

Baptizing John

All of Us Singing the Litany of the Saints

Sponsor Lighting the Baptismal Candle from the Easter Candle



Nellie and John were two the newly Baptized. At the end is Domenica who was John's sponsor and a classmate

Nellie Being Baptized

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