Monday, April 11, 2016

Between the Altar, the Green Monster, and a Brick Wall: The Catholic Life

This morning, I arrived at work and spent some time catching up with Fran--our superhero office manager--who took a vacation week last week. Fran's idea of a vacation week is traveling to Florida where she spends every day--from morning until night--visiting her mother who is in a nursing home.  The suntan lotion industry makes no money from Fran.  By the time I got into work around 8:30, Fran had already been there for several hours and had the place looking like she had never left.  Then, Joe, our intern arrived. The three of us spent some time discussing all that has to get done in the next few weeks.  After that, Joe and I went up to the chapel for our daily Holy Hour.  We were joined by a few of our FOCUS Missionaries and one of the students.  After that, came Mass.  

After Mass, I took the afternoon off in order to fulfill what has
The Green Monster at Fenway Park
become a yearly tradition. Through the generosity of a friend of mine, four friends got together and went to the Red Sox home opener.  Despite the Red Sox losing, going to Fenway (which is a ten minute walk from the BU Catholic Center) is always a great day.  And, it was great to spend the day with old friends. We all met each other because of the Church. We stay together because of the Church.

After the Sox game, as I was rushing out of the Catholic Center to get back to the rectory where I live, a student from BU who is not Catholic stopped by to ask for a listening ear. He walked with me to my car and we sat on a brick wall for about 30 minutes, talking.  After that, I went home and had dinner with the pastor with whom I live. He was taking me out for an early birthday dinner.  

At the end of the day, I feel grateful to the Lord because he puts great people in my life. Catholic life is lived while having a cup of coffee together, praying a Holy Hour together, at Mass together, at Fenway Park together, sitting on a brick wall talking together, and at dinner together.  

I know that there's a lot of drama that is sometimes associated with the Church; lots of big and dramatic things happening all over the place.  But today, what the Catholic Church was in my life was coffee with friends, a Holy Hour with friends, Mass with friends, a Red Sox game with friends, an important conversation with someone, and dinner with a friend.  That kind of day won't make any great headlines.  But, it was a beautiful day and it made me want to love God more.  That was my Catholic day. And I'm grateful for it.

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