Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Catholic Church: We Really Love One Another

The other evening, I was sitting with a few of our students as they were studying for exams and the thought occurred to me, "They really love one another."  

As I reflect upon this week, love is what most comes to mind.  In various interactions that I've had with brother priests at dinner, in my rectory, through texts, and phone conversations, I realize that we love one another.

Earlier in the week, the BU Catholic Center staff had dinner together.  We love one another.

Throughout this week, I've had meals with various students.  We love each other.

The other day I had lunch with the guy who has served as intern for the past couple of years and the new guy who is going to take over that position.  It's a pretty remarkable thing to do because the only money that they get is the money that they raise from donations.  As we hung out together, I thought, "We really love each other."

During the week, I had to ask various people for favors and they responded with joyful generosity.  We really love each other.

This week, I offered a Funeral Mass for someone in my previous parish assignment.  As I stood on the church steps before Mass and greeted old friends, I thought, "We really love each other."

After the funeral Mass, as I walked around the cemetery awaiting the funeral procession, I was amazed at how many graves there were populated by people whom I had buried; married couples, soldiers, veterans, and young people.  We really love each other.

Today was First Communion in that parish and a group of families invited me to come to their party.  While I was not able to attend, I nonetheless thought, "We really love each other."

Although I am off today, I went over to the Catholic Center and offered Mass with the incoming intern.  We prayed together and then had lunch.  We really love each other.

Several times during the past week, I received text messages from people saying, "Holy Hour this morning?"  In that time of prayer, I am aware that we really love each other.

As students came into the Catholic Center this week to say goodbye as they departed for the summer, one thing was abundantly apparent: We really love one another.

I do not think that I am alone in this sentiment.  I think that the various people whom I have mentioned above would all admit to the same sense of wonder and awe. What we are living is not something that we created or something that we manipulated.  Instead, we have been taken up into something beyond us.  In front of it we stand with gratitude and with awe.  What Christ does is always surprising.  

The Gospel this Sunday records Jesus' command that we "love one another."  This week, I am very grateful that I live among those who adhere to this command.

This is the Catholic Church.  We really love one another.

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