Sunday, April 5, 2015

Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us?

Road to Emmaus
St. Luke tells us that on the evening of the day of the resurrection, two of the disciples were walking along the Road to Emmaus and were discussing all of the things that had transpired during the past few days.  This evening--Easter Sunday evening--I find myself turning over in my mind all that has transpired during these past days.

During the past week, so many things have occurred.  The beautiful liturgies, the music, the live Stations of the Cross prayed in the public square, baptisms, confirmations, receiving men and women into the Catholic Church, and first communions.  Scores upon scores of confessions.  Visiting churches together on Holy Thursday, night prayer with the Cardinal, and praying together.  Processing on Holy Thursday evening down Commonwealth Avenue with the Blessed Sacrament.  Exhausted students preparing Easter Brunch for fifty or so students.   Witnessing the love that these young men and women have for one another.

So many things have transpired over these past days.  Beautiful things.  Human things.  (:-)) Exhausting things!

As evening falls on this first day of the week, it is obvious that Jesus has been walking with us and speaking to us. I echo the sentiments of those two disciples who were traveling along the Road to Emmaus.  I say to all of those who traveled in our company, "Were not our hearts burning within us?"

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