Friday, January 16, 2015

Making Catholics and Keeping Catholics: A New Semester

The Beginning of First Semester 
Dear Friends in Christ,

Some scattered and random thoughts at the beginning of a new semester.  

  • It occurred to me today that I was ordained 18 years ago this year.  A few seconds after I had that thought, I realized that some of you were born in that same year. We shall never speak of this again.
  • I hope that you had a restful Christmas Break.  Maybe you discovered that the change in schedule and routine made it challenging to live your spiritual and moral life well. This is not an unusual experience.  If things went a bit off the rails during the past month, make going to confession a priority this week.  You know where to find me.  I am very happy to be of service in this regard.
  • The Catholic Center Retreat in Maine is the weekend of February 20-22.  The retreat is entitled, "Proclaim."  Not only do I want you to come on this retreat, but I want you to invite--at least--one other person.  There's nothing greater we can do for another person than to provide them an opportunity to encounter Christ.  Do something great over the next few weeks: invite others to encounter Christ!
  • Is Jesus calling you to be a priest or a religious?  Just get it over with and say, "Yes."  Don't torture yourself trying to find loopholes.  
  • There are thousands of young people on our campus.  Some of them feel alone and isolated.  How about reaching out to them?
  • Thank you to all of you who work so hard to make our Catholic Community strong.  We are really blessed to have some great people in our community.
  • The Catholic Center at Boston University always needs more money.  Yeah, that's just a fact.  We have an important mission, but we need donors to support that mission.  Do you know of anyone who wants to help us in our mission of "Making Catholics and Keeping Catholics?"  
  • One of the great things about the Church is that we all help one another and learn from one another.  I learn from you and from your example.  One of the things that I love about being a priest is that, after almost eighteen years, I still feel like I'm just beginning to learn how to be a priest.  If you ever find yourself not feeling like being holy or feeling like it really doesn't matter, just remember that your example helps others.  It helps me.
  • The Catholic Center at Boston University always needs more money . . . oh, I already said that.
  • We should all pray more together.  Let's work on that.  Let's find ways to be more intentional about praying together.
  • Jesus has gathered us together in order to do something great and beautiful in and through us.  Let's cooperate with His grace.  Let's live our life together like we are on a mission because . . . we are on a mission.
  • A shepherd without sheep is kind of pointless.  While I'm grateful for the little break over Christmas, I'm glad that the sheep are back.
  • Welcome back.  

      Your Brother in Christ,


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