Thursday, September 4, 2014

That Stinking Sheep

This morning I was up early because I had the morning Mass at the seminary and then a full day at the BU Catholic Center.  Around 7pm, one of the students asked me if I was going to attend the BU Catholic Center's "Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball" event that was taking place that evening.  I told him that I was tired and was going to head home for the night.He sniffed and then said, "Not really into smelling like the sheep anymore, huh?  No stench on you anymore."  

Ah, I have to give credit where credit is due.  He knew just where to stick the knife.  It was masterful.  I admit it.  Oh, and he knew as soon as the knife went in that it struck a vital organ.  Satisfaction was written all over his face.  Checkmate.  I went to "Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball."

From being at the seminary this morning to being at BU all day and evening, I spent the whole day with young men and women in whom Christ is doing something beautiful.  If ever you find yourself discouraged, you should remember that Christ is doing something beautiful in these young people.  Their witness and example is inspiring to me--even when it cuts like a two-edged sword.  Stinking sheep.

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