Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Great Example of the New Evangelization

I Am for Life

Today I learned that a young man in my parish along with a friend of his created a youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UINaFWlkfc and a Facebook Page www.facebook.com/childrenwomenlife  Insted of me telling you about it, I encourage you to go check it out yourself.  Below, I have copied some information off of their Facebook Page.  I encourage you to read it.

For me, besides liking their proposal, I just want to say how happy it makes me when I see stuff like this coming from one of my parishioners.  Jesus is doing great things in the lives of his people. 

Join us in sending a united and loving message by using this group’s profile picture as your own starting at the beginning of "40 Days For Life" - starting February 13th. Let’s join together and collectively say that we love and support every life.
A Message from Mike, a co-admin of "I am for life."

"Thank you for taking the time to read a few words of mine. Now-a-days when we hear the words pro-choice or pro-life we call it a political issue, like raising or lowering taxes. We neatly tuck it away with these other issues and many of us get annoyed when the topic is even brought up, because, to us, it belongs hidden away with those never end...ing attack ads for the next election when we have to grin and bear its appearance again.

I'd like to say something. I'm not going to use the term "pro-abortion-ers." I don't believe in spinning the truth of someone else's beliefs just as much as I don't enjoy the term "pro-forced-birth-ers." The guy writing this used to call himself pro-choice. My alma mater was "Everyone should be able to do what they want--whatever makes them happy." To me, terminating a days to weeks old pregnancy was ok. I used to think it was because I believed that what was developing in a woman at such an early stage wasn't significant enough to call life. I later realized, not only is this scientifically justifiable life, but the only reason I accepted abortion in the first place was because I thought of it as aborting the IDEA of having a child. I couldn't see the child inside newly pregnant women, so it wasn't significant enough to feel strongly about. I figured it was ok to have an abortion because a woman or couple were simply deciding on their choice to not become pregnant. The fact is, when a woman is pregnant, she carries life. The decisions about whether to have a child or not should come before having a child, right? Can we justify creating life because it's fun and then discarding the life created afterwards? Old me would respond to this something like, "But a child shouldn't be born to someone who isn't ready or can't afford to give him or her care or life necessities." New me would ask old me, "Would you end the life of your 4-year-old son if you could no longer afford him? 3-year-old? 2-year-old? When is the line crossed that says it's now okay? What can we say about a society that gives no protection to their most defenseless citizens?

I guess I'm talking about this for a couple reasons. For one, the only people we hear from on this issue are women and priests. Well here is an average guy saying something now, and hoping other average guys will come out of the woodwork despite the fear of being "that person on Facebook trying to push an agenda." This is not politics. My father has told me my entire life that a true man is one who takes responsibility. Men: step up and show your girlfriend, wife, family and friends that you will say something, too. A society like ours is proud to be founded upon accountability in the vain of justice. This is justice. Simply saying "I wouldn't, but its not my place to tell others not to" like I once did is a cop-out. There is surely a place for tolerance in our world--we all come from different backgrounds, different religions, different upbringings--but as human beings, isn't it a given that we should all take a stand for humanity? As Americans, if we see injustice, especially pertaining to life or death, we do something. Let's be courageous men and women and stand up for real and true lives being ended. If we ALL wouldn't do it ourselves, then isn't something wrong?"


It is time to come together, It is time to be brave, it is time to stand up even if it seems to go against the popular vote. We are calling all people, young and old, rich and poor, left and right- who believe in love, believe in humanity and most importantly believe in LIFE - to join us as we send a united and yet loving message. Starting at the beginning of 40 days for life (February 13th) we are asking that all those that have a love for LIFE change their profile (a.k.a default) picture to be the picture from this page. Maybe we can only get 20 to join us or maybe even 50 or 100- but imagine the powerful message our world would hear if thousands of us united with this same message - "I am for our Children, I am for our Women, I AM FOR LIFE!". You won't be alone- we can do this together! And we challenge you to keep it as your profile picture for 1 day, 2 days, 10 days or even the for the full 40 days for life ending March 24th.

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